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The gambling industry is not static. It's actively developing, offering players new adventures and unforgettable impressions in the gambling world. Not so long ago, online casinos were new amazing places that few people knew about. Could anyone have thought that online casinos, like OXI, would compete with the best gaming establishments in Las Vegas in a few years?

OXI online casino has incorporated the traditions of the best gambling houses of Sin City. Today you don't have to go to Las Vegas to have a great time and try your luck. The online platform offers great opportunities for gambling and fun, which will surprise even experienced gamblers. Popular video slots, table games, and Live casino games will not let you get bored. The unique bonus shop and cashback will significantly increase your chances of a lucky combination and a big win!

OXI strives to provide a unique gaming experience, which you won't find at other online casinos. Are you bored with your favourite games? Do you want something new? Then join the OXI community and try your luck at Crash online casino games!

Get up to A$4000 Bonus

Enjoy Crash online casino games on OXI!

OXI online casino follows the changing trends in the gambling industry to offer users the best games for entertainment and fun. Thanks to such a policy, you have an unlimited choice from a huge selection of gambling games for every taste from the most famous providers.

By choosing OXI casino online, you get favourite 3/5 and video slots, popular table games for real money, and Live casino games. Are you a newbie or a professional gambler? It doesn't matter! On the OXI site, you'll get an unforgettable gaming experience, positive emotions, excitement, and euphoria from unexpected big wins. But that's not all! OXI casino expands your gaming opportunities by opening the world of Crash games!

Crash games are a new kind of gambling that is capturing the minds of players from all over the world. These are arcade single or multiplayer games for real money that are not like video slots and famous table games!

Top RTP Crash Pokies
Pokie RTP
💵 Cash or Crash 99.6%
🧑‍✈️ Aviator 97.0%
🌴 Ethan Grand 96.0%
🍭 Sugar Rush 96.5%
🚀 Live - Spaceman 95.0%

A distinctive feature of crash game online casino from other gamble is a new gaming experience and a unique coefficient system based on modern blockchain technology. The winning and its size depends on the player's decisions. The more reckless and luckier he is, the more jackpot he can take! The conditions for the growth of the coefficient depend on the gamble. For example, it’s the time of the round (Aviator crash game), changing initial conditions for each round (Plinko crash game), etc.

Providers use Provably fair cryptographic technology to form the outcomes of Crash games. This means that all games of chance are held honestly and without the possibility of twisting the desired result in one direction or another. The player can take a hash in the game history / round results anytime and check the crypto sequence. In addition, you can use cryptocurrency for betting. OXI crash bitcoin casino opens excellent opportunities for its players!

You'll find a high level of adrenaline in the blood, excitement, openness, new gaming experiences, and enjoyment from big winnings in the Crash online casino game. Do you want to get a new gambling experience and positive emotions? Welcome to OXI casino - gambling site with Crash games!

Try the Aviator crash game and win

The history of Crash games began with this game. Today, millions of users play this multiplayer arcade game for real money. Although a few years ago, few people knew about it. What is the secret of such success of the crash casino game simulator? These are simple rules, excitement, and a high chance to win big. Each round starts automatically and doesn't require any additional actions from the player. You can place bets manually or use automatic deposit/withdrawal mode. After a short betting period, the gamble starts and the airplane takes off. There is a number above the plane, which constantly increases over time. It’s the coefficient by which your bet will be multiplied if you win. The level of adrenaline is off the scale during this time. After all, the longer the round lasts, the more winnings you can get. But at the same time, the risk of defeat also increases, because a crash can happen at any second! The condition for winning the round is to cash out on time without losing your head from the huge multiplier.

Take a chance to catch x1000 on the Plinko crash game

Plinko is a popular crash game online casino, which impresses with its possible win rate. If you believe in your luck, try to catch a 1000x bust slot and get unforgettable emotions from a big winning! Moreover, the gameplay is simple and interesting. Plinko crash game is a pyramid from 8 to 16 rows. During the round, the ball descends from the top to the bottom, colliding with obstacles, which affect its next movement. In the end, he enters the sector with the corresponding multiplier. Before the start of the round, the gambler chooses the number of rows and the level of risk: low, medium, or high. The more rows and the risk, the higher the win multiplier. For example, with a low-risk level and 8 rows, the maximum possible payout is x5.6. As you understand, players don't play Plinko for such odds. After all, 16 rows and high risk make it possible to get a 1000x bust slot and get a huge jackpot!

Guess the winning number in crash gambling Dice

Crash bitcoin casino offers a modern view on the popular gamble - Dice. The rules are simple - you must choose a number from the provided range (most often it's from 1 to 100) and indicate more / less. Next, the game will generate a number for the round randomly. You'll win or lose depending on your bet. The advantage of crash gambling Dice is that you can manage the risks and odds. For example, the odds of the winning result above or below the number 50 are 50:50. If you like to take risks, choose a number close to 100, for example, 90, and bet on more. In this case, the chance of winning is much lower. But the bet multiplier will pleasantly surprise you!

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Win the jackpot with Mines casino game

Mines is a popular single-player crash game from the Spribe leading game provider. The gamble has simple rules and the possibility of instant withdrawal. In each round, players make decisions that affect the outcome. Mines casino game is a field of 25 cells, in which mines are randomly located. At the beginning of the round, you choose the number of mines on the field from 1 to 15. It affects the multiplier. A random number generator using Provably Fair technology determines the placement of mines. The results of the round are protected from outside influence. The goal of the player is to open cells without the mines. Each open cell increases the odds of the bet. By opening new cells, the gambler increases the amount of potential winning. However, it also increases the chance of losing. Remember that you can stop and withdraw your winnings anytime. Players choose Mines crash game for its exciting gameplay and big wins.

Check your luck in the Wheel of fortune crash casino game

Wheel of fortune is one of the most popular gambles among players around the world. It has simple rules that make the gameplay fun and dynamic. Wheel of fortune is a round playing field divided into equal sectors. The number of sectors and winnings/bonuses depend on the specific variation of the game and the provider. The player makes one or more bets. After that, the random number generator creates winning sectors/combinations. The result of the bet depends on your luck. Do you want to get the excitement and euphoria of winning? Then play the Wheel of fortune crash casino game. After all, it’s one of the best options for increasing adrenaline in the blood and vivid impressions!

Play Keno casino crash game anywhere

Any person at least once in his life saw a lottery with numbered balls and game sheets with numbers. But few people know that this is one of the oldest known games, which has the name Keno. The gambling industry has different variations of this gamble. The difference between them is only in the number row and the numbers to choose from. OXI offers players a Keno casino crash game with classic rules. The gambler selects numbers from a range from 1 to 80. The number of selected digits affects the final win rate. The more of them, the more funds you withdraw from the casino if you win. Remember that the probability of losing increases in proportion to the growth of the multiplier.

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