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Australians are gambling people who are not afraid to take risks and play big. Not surprisingly, pokies are available literally at every turn. People love to spend their time gambling, but today you don't have to go or drive anywhere to get into the amazing world of gambling.

OXI online casino is a place where your desires and fantasies come true. Here you'll feel the taste of excitement and euphoria that gamblers all over the world love so much. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced player or a beginner. OXI offers hundreds of gambling games for every taste.

Enjoy amazing pokies, win any table games, try new gaming experiences in crash games and have fun with other players in Live casino. OXI casino online will surprise you with its features and game limits. This is a great place to test your fortune. Who knows, you might be the one to hit the multi-million dollar jackpot today!

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First steps to play Baccarat online at OXI casino

Many Australians are intimidated by the prospect of a long flight to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to enjoy the best gambling. Yes, Sin City has become famous all over the world thanks to its gaming establishments and services for players from all over the world. However, today you do not need to fly anywhere to enjoy the excitement and big winnings, because you have OXI online casino!

We use various digital services daily to meet our needs. Why is not start enjoying gambling from the comfort of your home? All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Step one. Visit the OXI website and create an account. You'll need to come up with a password and log in. After confirming your email, you'll join thousands of OXI players.

Second step. Make your first deposit. You can use any payment method convenient for you. Various payment systems, electronic wallets, debit cards, and even cryptocurrencies are open for you.

Third step. Get starting bonuses and welcome gifts. These are additional funds to your account and free spins in pokies. OXI appreciates its players, so the online casino offers a lot of nice gifts, bonuses, and a cashback system.

Fourth step. Select the category you are interested in. Next, launch your favorite or new game and have fun. OXI offers hundreds of games for every taste:

Fifth step. Learn the simple rules of online Baccarat Australia, which we'll discuss below.

Sixth step. Choose any game room and play Baccarat online!

Live communication with other players and Baccarat live dealers will create an amazing atmosphere for you, because of which millions of tourists from all over the world rush to visit the best gambling establishments in Las Vegas!

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What are the rules of a live Baccarat?

Everyone can start enjoying online Baccarat casino and win regardless of experience. The main thing is the desire to play and win. To start playing the best card game and get unforgettable emotions, you should learn simple rules.

Real money Baccarat is a card game in which players score points at a gaming table. To win, the hand you bet on must collect 8 or 9 points. The game has 3 playing hands that you can bet on:

  • On the player (Punto)
  • At the dealer (Banco)
  • Tie

Before each new round, the player makes a bet on one playing field, which must collect the required number of points to win. After placing the bets, the Baccarat live dealer deals two cards for each field. The dealer then evaluates the cards according to the set rules. Here are some of them:

  • If the player scores less than six points, he is given a third card
  • If the dealer has two or less points, he takes the card
  • If the dealer has collected 4 points, then he takes the card, if the participant has not received a card with a value of 1, 0, 8 or 9
  • If the dealer scores 5 points, he only draws a card if the player did not take a card for 4, 5, 6, or 7 points, etc.

Despite the simple rules, the game has many nuances. To be successful at live Baccarat, you must know them well.

How to calculate points correctly in a Baccarat live casino? Ace is equal to one. Cards with tens and pictures are equal to zero. The remaining cards give the corresponding number of points. If a combination of two cards gives more than 10 points, then the dealer deducts 10 points. For example, 5+6 = 11 -10 = 1.

When paying off the wins, a new round begins where new bets start are based on the table limits. If you don't wish to be followed by anyone, you can move around to a different gaming room.

Is there a difference between Baccarat games?

Baccarat is one of the first card games that has been played for many centuries. Not surprisingly, it has several options that differ from each other. Today, the most popular Baccarat games are:

  • Punto Banco
  • Chemin de Fer
  • Baccarat Banquee

Despite the difference in rules, the goal is the same everywhere. It is to collect 8-9 points to win. Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Bancue are difficult to adapt to playing in online casinos. Therefore, you won't find them on gaming platforms. All variations of live Baccarat will be held according to the rules of Punto Banco, which are described above.

However, this does not mean that every gaming table will have the same game. OXI Casino cooperates with a large number of providers, each of which adds some changes to the game. Through the development of partnerships, players enjoy a greater variety of variations of the card game. The basic rules are the same for every game. But there are small differences that give a new gaming experience. For example:

  • Number of players (up to 14)
  • Rules for dealing cards
  • Different dealer role
  • Number of participating decks (1-8)
  • Number of additional cards, etc.
Live Games
  • EvolutionGaming
  • Ezugi
  • XPG
  • VivoGaming
  • Amusnet
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Oriental Game
  • Asia Gaming

Baccarat casino game is always excitement and adrenaline from winning combinations and frequent victories. With a large assortment of slots to choose from, you will be sure to find a game to have a great time and maximize your budget! Enjoy your favorite card game from providers such as:

  • LuckyStreak
  • SAGaming
  • XProGamin
  • BetGames
  • HoGaming
  • Ezugi, etc.

The best providers for the best players! Play Baccarat online at OXI Australia casino and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the best gambling establishments in the world at any time and place convenient for you. All you need is a device with Internet access, an account, and the desire to go into the world of gambling!

Best betting system to play baccarat online for real money

Positive progressions

With positive progression in play, you raise your bet after every win and lower it after every loss in live baccarat online in Australia. Positive progressions are less damaging to your bank account than negative progressions. They aim to increase your profits in the event of falling into the stream of winnings and minimizing losses in a series of failures. Thanks to them, you can significantly increase your profit from the best live baccarat casinos and simultaneously soften the blow to your wallet from possible losses. Positive progressions do not affect your chances of winning or losing in any way. In general, they do not carry any risk.

Negative progressions

Negative progressions are the exact opposite of the previous type of betting system, which can cause significant damage to your financial situation. Using a negative progression, you must increase your bet after each loss and decrease it after each win. The essence of this system is as follows: if you raise your bet with each loss, then, in the end, your winnings are sufficient to cover all previous losses. At first glance, the system is quite logical, so many players use it in best live baccarat casinos.

But if we analyze this negative betting system in detail, we will find its weaknesses. There is a big risk that if you double each subsequent bet, you will simply run out of money. In addition, each casino has certain restrictions regarding the maximum bet sizes. This system is best used by a professional who understands it well, but for an amateur, it can lead to a complete collapse.

Flat Betting System

Unlike the positive and negative betting systems, the flat system means that you must bet the same amount every time you play baccarat online for real money, regardless of the outcome of the round. This approach is considered optimal due to the lower level of risk in case of loss. But is it possible to win a lot using this system? The surest way to make money using a flat betting system is to determine who will win: the Player or the Banker. Forecast accuracy should be above 50%. While this method can protect you from big losses, it is unlikely to help you secure really big wins. At the same time, this system will be useful to those who have yet to fully understand the game's rules and still feel insecure.


  • What is live Baccarat?

    Baccarat casino is a popular card game in Australia. Gambling differs from other games with simple rules, exciting gameplay, and frequent winnings. Therefore, both experienced gamblers and beginners effectively play it. Real money Baccarat gives thrills, adrenaline, and vivid emotions throughout all game rounds.

  • How to start playing the Baccarat casino game?

    First, you have to register at OXI Australia casino, accept the initial bonuses and learn the simple rules. Baccarat has simple rules. Therefore, even beginners feel confident at the gaming tables and often beat even experienced gamblers.

  • What are the winning conditions at an online Baccarat casino?

    Each player places a bet on 1 of 3 fields before the start of the round. He wins if his hand (Punto, Banco, or Tie) scores 8-9 points. After betting, the dealer deals 2 cards. The calculation of points and further actions occur according to the rules of the game.

  • Is it safe to play at OXI casino?

    Yes, OXI online casino is licensed by Curacao. It confirms that the gambling website complies with all laws and requirements for the gambling industry. Each presented game undergoes appropriate checks and has confirming certificates. Thus, OXI guarantees anonymity, fast withdrawals of winnings, and a high return on every game.

  • Are the rules different in different Baccarat games?

    Today, 3 types of Baccarat games are the most popular. These are Punto Banco, Baccarat Bancue and Chemin de Fer. Due to some peculiarities of the rules, you won't be able to play Baccarat Bancue and Chemin de Fer in an online casino. Therefore, you enjoy variations of Punto Banco when playing at an online casino. Different providers can make small changes to the gameplay, bringing variety. But the basic rules are the same for all gambling tables.

  • How many decks are in online baccarat?

    Three to eight 52-card decks mixed with each other can be used during this casino game. It means a variety of combinations and many chances to win.

  • How to win big in a baccarat casino?

    There is no one universal and 100% working method of winning live baccarat online in Australia; it all depends on your luck. Online baccarat with live dealer is a game for fun and relaxation. We can only give a few tips that help all gamblers: stop in time, be able to take breaks, and not risk big money.

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