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Plunged into routine, modern people are searching for risk, fresh new impressions, excitement - looking for something that gives you an adrenaline rush. Some people prefer extreme sports, while others become involved in dangerous situations. They all are struggling to experience an accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing and receive that power-up in the form of energy influx and new emotions. But why to choose unnecessary risks if there is a safe and effective alternative? The answer is - choose an online casino and get the desired emotions, adrenaline, and big winnings on top.

An exciting gambling world is now open to you thanks to OXI online casino Australia. This leading gambling establishment prepared all the conditions for huge winnings and adrenaline. You will never forget that special moment when you’ve understood that your combination is winning or when your bet is victorious. Victory gives uncomparable emotions that cannot be expressed in words. But you can and should experience it over and over again!

Today, all you need to do to join the gambling industry and receive vivid emotions is register at OXI Casino Australia. Discover our rich game collection in each category and be prepared to fill your pockets!

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OXI Live Casino: impeccable atmosphere and big winnings generator!

OXI Australia is just the right place for those in love with the indescribable atmosphere of online gambling establishments! This ambitious, new platform opens the doors to the gambling world to players of any level: beginners and professional gamblers. OXI Casino has an excellent reputation and cooperates with the world’s best providers like NetEnt, Relax Gaming, Play‘n Go, Pragmatic Play just to name a few.

Choose OXI Casino and you can not go wrong. After all, this platform collected all the features you would like to have in the online casino: popular and newest slots, a range of table games and live dealer games, a unique beneficial bonus system, weekly cashback, and, in addition, safe and fast withdrawals through the best payment systems.

And don’t forget about the impressive section of live games. OXI Live Casino dips you into an amazing atmosphere with a live conversation with the real dealers and other gamblers, and, of course, unprecedented winnings. Hundreds of gambling tables are at your disposal. Choose your lucky one and get an avalanche of positive emotions. All this is just a tiny part of the advantages of OXI online casinos. Visit the OXI website and you will understand why we say so! It is created to enjoy games wherever you are. Gambling has never been so fascinating, safe and victorious before!

OXI Live Casino has all gambles you only wanted to try, all provided by eminent developers. Now you can enjoy Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack on your smartphone, Ipad or PC and win fantastic amounts of money. Besides, your safety and comfort are guaranteed while playing and paying on the website. Nothing will stand between you and your enjoyment of gaming.

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The rules of online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is an integral part of online gambling establishments. This game has been fascinating to thousands of game lovers in different periods of our history. The popular card game goes deep into human history but no one knows for sure where it was created. And it doesn't matter because Blackjack is now a world’s game.

Together with Roulette, Blackjack is the eternal symbol of the whole industry. The best casinos always pay special attention and give a special place to this game. In land-based casinos, almost half of all gambling tables are dedicated to Blackjack. As a consequence, online Blackjack became a top online game everybody wants to try. Beginners and professionals choose this card game to show their skills, have fun, and get big wins.

Doesn't it sound inspiring to you? The game must be amazing to attract so many people all over the world. If you also want to experience special emotion Blackjack guarantees to all the players, register at the OXI Casino website and go to the “Live Blackjack” category. Once you try it, you will join the connoisseurs of this amazing game and will come back to it again and again. Besides, thanks to simple and clear rules and compelling gameplay, online Blackjack is one of those games where every beginner has a huge potential and possibility to achieve amazing results.

The rules of online Blackjack are really simple. There is a dealer who represents the casino and plays against gamblers (the number can vary) at the casino table. In order to win, they must outplay the croupier. Keep in mind that your goal is to have 21 points or close (but no more than 21) and exceed the dealer's points.

In case your or the dealer’s number of points exceeds 21, the one with such an amount loses. There can also be a tie in online Blackjack. Then, the player's bets are returned to the player.

And so we got to the rules of card evaluation. Ten and picture cards (jack, queen, and king) bring you 10 points, while an ace brings 11 points. The value of other cards is equal to their face value, i.e. 3, 4, etc. However, more is not always better. When your cards' combination has more than 21 points, you receive only 1 point. The suits of the cards do not impact the gameplay. A combination of ten and ace is called Blackjack and brings you a fabulous victory. If the other hand also has 21 in total with a different card combination, you win because the Blackjack combination is always an advantage.

First, the gamblers place their bets and the cards are dealt. Second, the croupier deals 1 card to each participant in the game as well as one for himself. He takes them out of the dealer's shoe, which contains several decks of 52 cards. Then the croupier repeats the hand. Thus, each gambler has 2 cards. Now the real battle starts. If the 2 cards are the same, then you can request for the dealer to divide them into two hands. After the deal, you can ask for additional cards. Be aware that it enhances the chance to collect more than 21 points. Finally, everybody’s scoring the point to see who won - the player or the dealer.

Such simple rules make the online Blackjack casino an exciting and fast game with an easy entry for beginners. You'll quickly get into the game and get great pleasure from the gameplay and big winnings. No wonder millions of players from all over the world play this card game!

Find a live Blackjack type that fits you most at OXI Casino online

Being recently opened, OXI has already gained the support of hundreds of players. And it cannot be different since OXI Casino has the best gambling offers in Australia. This new online casino is gaining momentum every day. The OXI team cooperates with the best developers of gambles, tests each new game (it is more than 3000 gambles!) before it becomes available on the platform. The list of eminent gambling companies cooperating with OXI includes:

  • Evolution
  • HoGaming
  • Pragmatic Live
  • Ezugi
  • XProGaming
  • Relax Gaming
  • LuckyStreak

and dozens of other well-known providers.

Thanks to such productive cooperation, OXI Casino Australia has gathered a rich collection of table games, including beloved Blackjack. And this collecting is constantly expanding! Let’s have a look at the impressive list of Blackjack games. At OXI, Australians can find classic and the newest variations of this fascinating card game. Each variation slightly differs in rules and gives you a new gaming experience. There’s never too much excitement and fun! Get acquainted with the following Blackjack variations and find the one that will help you replenish your pockets!

Live Games
  • EvolutionGaming
  • Ezugi
  • XPG
  • VivoGaming
  • Amusnet
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Oriental Game
  • Asia Gaming

American Blackjack for a great start

Thinking about playing Blackjack for real money? We recommend trying the basic version. It will give you a general overview of this game. American Blackjack is a must-have for every online gambling establishment. There are some specific rules concerning how the dealer's cards are dealt. The dealer deals 2 cards to himself during the deal, not just one. One of these cards is face-down. At the same time, one card is face-up, and if this card is ace, the dealer peaks at his down card. And If it is a ten or any picture card (which makes blackjack), the hand is over. Then, all players lose.

Show your skills in European Blackjack

For those in love with the risks and adrenaline, OXI Casino Australia prepared this special variation of the famous card game, developed to meet the needs of experienced gamblers. The following rules apply to the European version: the Dealer receives 1 open card, while the Players receive two cards each. The players must make decisions before the dealer takes his second card. Thus, the Players form the final combinations and their decisions before the moment the dealer receives the second card. In this way, it is hard to predict the outcome. It, in turn, guarantees you the feelings of excitement and risk, unavailable to you when playing, for example, American Blackjack.

Classical Multi-hand Blackjack

Prefer timeless classics? Multi-hand Blackjack is a great choice that has been satisfying players for decades. It is online Blackjack, played by most gamblers all around the world. The rules of this game are classic - the confrontation between the Player and the House, or the online casino. You and several other players gather at the table and play against a live dealer. You already know the classic rules of Blackjack, so just follow them and enjoy the gameplay. And do not forget that now you can communicate with others in chat and share your emotions. Choose online Multi-hand Blackjack and get in the game!

Take a risk with Speed Blackjack

Are you determined and make decisions quickly? Then, this online Blackjack variation will definitely appeal to you. Here, the dealer doesn't follow the normal card deal as he does in the base game. You can double or split earlier and receive the cards while other players will hesitate.

Surprised by the amount of Blackjack variations available at Australian OXI Casino? Here is one more advantage OXI prepared for its VIP players with high limits - VIP gambling tables, in addition to the new Blackjack games. Such tables are offered to all the players who prefer big bets and big wins! So, in order to increase the adrenaline level in your blood, the best thing you can do is open the OXI website and experience the euphoria of winning!


  • Is OXI a legal Australian casino?

    Yes, OXI owns the official Curacao license, thus, guarantees the highest quality of gaming services and fast withdrawals of funds, regardless of the size of the winnings.

  • Why does a dealer's shoe have a few card decks?

    For the game to be fair, it is better when players do not have the ability to count cards. In this way, the dealer and the gamblers take the equal risk when a new card deal is done. Also, the number of decks in a dealing shoe is subject to changes according to the number of players at the gambling table.

  • Does a Blackjack deck contain jokers?

    There are no jokers in a Blackjack deck. That’s why this deck consists of 52 cards.

  • Can other gamblers influence the game outcome?

    No, because the battle is between you and the dealer, other players are not your opponents. They have their own hands and are trying to win their own battle with a dealer.

  • Is Blackjack the same as Hold'em?

    These card games are different. Each with its own rules, bets and payout conditions. Hold'em is a popular beloved variant of poker. Just like Blackjack, you'll find Hold'em in every online casino.

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