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Craps is a very ancient dice game that, due to its simplicity and speed of play, has conquered online and land-based casino players! Although the rules may seem complicated at first, it is simply a matter of practicing a little and keeping the information about the bets, payouts, and odds at hand so that you can optimize your moves. Below, OXI Casino provides all the information necessary to succeed in this game. Enjoy reading!

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Learn the rules of craps

If you are interested in the game of craps, follow us as we explain all the basic features and rules to be able to try your hand at the green table or perfect your gameplay quickly and painlessly. The objective of craps is to predict the outcome of the roll of 2 dice. Unlike other games, the game of craps uses two dice and chips, which will form the value of the bet.

The objective of craps is very simple: to guess the combination or the value of the dice. The game continues until a result of 7 comes out, and although the game mechanism is among the most intuitive, the number of accepted bets is so vast as to create confusion in the players.

The first great peculiarity of the game is the craps table, which has different sections, each of which illustrates a type of bet and to which the chips must be moved at the beginning of the round. The table layout presents the positions of the dealers and participants. In craps, two dice are used, which can only be handled by the croupier and the shooter on duty!

As we have already seen, in craps, two dice are used, which leads to 36 possible combinations. Let's go through the essential elements of this game:

  • The puck - is an element of craps that looks like a disk with the words "On" and "Off." If the disc has the word "On" visible, it means that the round has begun, and conversely, the word "Off" is kept until the game begins.
  • The stick - is a stick used by the person to pick up dice from the game mat and move them toward the shooter.
  • The shooter - also known as a shooter, is any participant at the table in charge of rolling the dice.
  • The boxman - is a kind of mediator who sits at one side of the table. His job is to control the chips, but he can intervene to resolve disputes between the players and the dealers.
  • The stickman - as the name suggests, the stickman is one of the dealers in charge of handling the stick and distributing the dice to the throwers.
  • The dealers - there are four dealers in craps, and they include the stickman, the boxman, and two dealers who run the rounds. All dealers rotate every 20 minutes of play, exchanging positions and assignments.
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All craps bets

To play craps, it is necessary to know all the bets available and accepted by the dealers. We have summarized all the bets in the following paragraphs, from the most traditional to the most particular ones that will help you discover how to play craps.

1. Passline

The player who makes a pass line bet bets on the roll of a 7 or the number 11. If the dice roll the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, these will constitute point numbers.

2. Don't Pass

The don't pass bet opposes the previous bet, so the player bets on a sum of the dice equal to 2 or 3. In case the combination is equal to 12, the player gets a tie with the dealer.

3. Come Bets

The come bet is very similar to the pass line bet, with the only difference being that the player can only bet after the roll of the dice and wins if he rolls a combination of 7 or 11.

4. Don't Come Bets

Just like the come bet, the player can only bet after the dice have been rolled. The player bets on craps and, therefore, on the roll of a 2 or a 3.

5. Field bets

The field bet is posted on a number of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

6. Place Bets

If the round gets complicated and it doesn't end due to the numbers that came out, the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 will be considered point numbers. Once the point numbers have been established, the round will end when one of these numbers is rolled.

7. Hardways

The term "hardways" indicates the presence of a double number that has a lower probability of being hit than a combination of two different numbers. Also, the combination of the double number must come before a 7. The term hard (from the English "difficult") is the opposite of easy. That's why the double combination (for example, 5/5) is more difficult compared to the combination 3/2, defined as easy.

8. One Roll Bets, on a single roll

This category of bets only applies to a single roll of the dice; therefore the bet is recorded on each roll:

  • Any 7 - Among the bets on a single roll is the Any 7. You bet on the outcome of any combination that gives 7, the most probable number in the game.
  • Any Craps - A roll whose numbers are 2, 3 or 12 is called Craps. The any craps bet indicates a bet on a single roll that includes the aforementioned outcomes.
  • Bets on 2 or 12 - As per the name, the player wins the bet if the dice shows a sum of 2 or 12.
  • Bets on 3 or 11 - The winning bet is the one that sees the dice have a value of 3 or 11.
  • Horn bets - are settled on a roll of the dice whose total is 2, 3, 11 or 12.
  • Big Six, Big Eight - In the case of Big 6 and Big 8, the player makes a bet hoping that a 6 or 8 will roll before the 7 rolls.
  • Betting with free odds - Free odds bets are the cheapest bets in the game of craps, as the house edge is almost zero. Just like the other bets we have seen, these bets are recorded after the roll of the dice, but they have multipliers up to x100.
  • Buy bets - again, the bet is taken after the first roll of the dice has recorded a sum of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The bet is on one of these numbers, provided it rolls before the 7. The casino where you play craps may charge a 5% commission.

Guide: Craps Betting and Regular Play

One of the benefits craps offer is their variety of game types. In addition to the classic variant, you can try many other exciting variants. Here are the most famous types of craps.

Crapless Craps

There is actually a version where you play without craps. With the corresponding numbers 2, 3 and 12, the roll is counted as a draw instead, with 11 as well. So you can't lose in the comeout roll, and you can win immediately with a 7.

High Point Craps

The High Point variant is about the number of points rolled. The rules are a bit different here. On a 2 or 3, the shooter must re-roll. On the other hand, the highest values (11 and 12) mean an instant victory. Anything in between requires a second roll, with the sum of the first roll becoming the target number. To win, the shooter must roll a higher number than the first time.

The Rich Craps

In this variant, you do not take two dice in your hand but only one. With a 6, the shooter wins directly; with a 1 - he loses. A new roll is due if a 2 to 5 comes up. The number from the first roll then becomes the target number in Die Rich Craps. If the following throw is higher, the shooter wins; otherwise, he loses.

Simplified Craps

Although it looks a lot more complicated as a game than it is, some players want to play a simpler version. There is no point in Simplified Craps, so the game will definitely be decided with just one roll. If the number is 3, 4, 11 and 12, the shooter wins; with all other numbers, he loses.

Card Craps

Incidentally, there is also a craps variant with playing cards instead of dice. Dice games were frowned upon for a long time and were not considered elegant enough to be offered in casinos. Card Craps is played with Aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s from two decks of cards. In total, you play here with 48 cards. The shooter does not roll the dice but reveals two cards at a time. Otherwise, the rules are the same as for the dice variant.

How to play craps: the steps of the round

Now that we have explored the craps features and rules, we just have to see the steps.

  • Set a gaming budget - Before sitting down at a game table, it is necessary to establish the amount you can put into play and, above all, the one you are willing to lose.
  • Select the game variant and the suitable table - Under the name "craps," can be included many variants of the game that can include different rules and exclude some types of bets. After making sure that you have found the most suitable gaming variation, join the table and show your intention to exchange money for game chips.
  • Start the game and place your bet - From the moment the dealer turns the disc from Off to On, you can consider the round started.
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The most popular craps variations

Being a game whose origin cannot be attributed to a single country, it is clear that there are many games similar to craps in the world which, nowadays, are brought together under the same name and made available in all the best casinos, online and offline. The most interesting aspect of the types of craps games is that each of them has its own interesting features and, while focusing on the roll of two dice, they have different rules and, above all, a house edge that undergoes strong variations.

Let's see together the most appreciated and popular types of craps games and what are their main characteristics

Crapless Craps

Although it may seem a paradoxical variant, this type of craps exists and does not provide for the possibility of losing with a "Pass Bet" in the initial roll - as it does not exist. Also, 11 does not guarantee winning, which drastically reduces the chances of winning, and if that weren't enough, the house advantage is 5 times higher.

High Point Craps

The house edge stands at 2.35%, therefore always very high, but this variant has advantages that should not be underestimated: if 2 or 3 come up, these are ignored, but if the result is 11 or 12, then the win is immediate.

Simplified Craps

It's the perfect variant for beginners, but it doesn't help you understand how craps work, having completely different rules. Suffice it to say that the winning numbers are even ones, while the odds of obtaining an odd result are greater, and to make matters worse, it has a very high house edge, i.e., 2.8%.

New York Craps

The name could be misleading because it seems to have originated in the Balkans. The main feature of this variation is that it allows you to bet directly on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10: if you get it right, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Furthermore, the table is also different, as it has two pitchers, and the commission is 5%.

Craps without dice

The game is played by drawing a card from two different decks of 44 cards each, but since it would be very simple to count the cards, usually only half of them are used. On other occasions, an automatic shuffler is used precisely to decrease the chances of counting, but it is still a variant of craps that benefits the player.

Craps with dice and cards

In this case, of course, two dice and two decks of cards are used. In the most played variant, these are both blue and red, respectively: six cards are drawn, which, placed in six specific boxes, will be turned over based on the die roll of the respective color.

Open Craps, Fading Craps or Money Craps

This type of craps focuses mainly on bets, as the house undertakes to cover all bets at the established odds. However, players are given the opportunity to bet with each other.

4 Important Tips Before You Start

To address the issue comprehensively, we first want to highlight a few key points, namely:

1. Know the regulations, bets, odds, and payouts

We have already said it, the fact that in craps, the game revolves around the roll of two dice does not mean that there are no pitfalls or details to take into consideration. Therefore, it becomes essential to take the right time to learn the rules and mechanisms of every aspect of the game so as to be ready for any eventuality;

2. Choose your craps variation carefully

Almost all variants of craps provide for the presence of a board on the game table and, consequently, different betting possibilities. Take some time to discover the particularities of each one and choose the one that best suits you;

Plan your budget

When you decide to play, also decide how much money you're willing to wager so you don't go over your available budget. Likewise, set a maximum amount you're willing to lose and don't go over it;

Determine how much time you spend playing

Playing online can be a lot of fun, which can make you lose track of time. Setting a timer or alarm and sticking to the decision are great ways not to overdo it.

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