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Online casinos have appeared relatively recently, and OXI has become one of the most popular online gambling establishments in Canada in a short time. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a quality gambling site with crash games. There is no need to waste time and money on a classic casino when you can enjoy your favorite crash casino game simulator from the comfort of your home.

OXI online casino will easily provide every gambler with all popular set of crash games such as Aviator crash game or Plinko crash game. Take advantage of all the achievements of the digital age, now you don't even have to leave your home to immerse yourself in the exciting world of gambling. Launch your favorite casino game and try your luck with various welcome bonuses including the cashback reward program. Nothing will stop you from having a great time and hitting the jackpot. You only need a stable internet connection.

OXI is the right place if you are bored with other gambling games. Sign up now and join a huge and vibrant community. Meet like-minded people and enjoy everyone's favorite wheel of fortune crash casino game. Just a few mouse clicks separates you from the exciting world of gambling.

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Visit OXI, the best Canadian gambling site with crash games

OXI online casino, following all the latest trends, is trying to provide the most relevant gambling services to its customers. All Canadians have access to a unique library of gambling games developed by top developers with a worldwide reputation.

OXI online casino is pleased to present you the most popular 1000x busta slot, keno casino crash game, and mines casino game. Register now and enjoy the best live crash games. It doesn’t matter at all. Whether you have a gambling experience or not, be sure that positive emotions and adrenaline are waiting for you! OXI Canada casino will transform your hobby once and for all, join our community and play for high stakes!

Are you tired of the usual slots? Try crash games! Play alone or with opponents. In any case, a completely new experience awaits you. Take your real money gaming experience to the next level.

A gambling site with crash games provides all Canadian gamblers with new games based on blockchain technology. It is quite a new trend, which is rapidly gaining popularity. You influence the size of the prize. Try to play as recklessly and energetically as possible, and the big win is in your pocket! The rules change depending on the game. For example, in the Aviator crash game, you need to survive as long as possible, and in the Plinko crash game, everything depends on the initial conditions of the round.

Gambling developers use provably fair cryptographic technology to create all crash games. Such an approach practically rules out foul play. Technology makes it impossible to cheat. All players have access to a detailed history of either the whole game or a separate round. And as a nice bonus, you can use cryptocurrency instead of regular money. OXI crash bitcoin casino takes gambling to the next level!

Come and try our new real money slot games. Time-proven classics and new, exciting crash online casino games are waiting for you! OXI casino is the right place to spend your free time with benefits. What could be better than a great game of chance from the comfort of your home in the fun company of friends? Try your luck right now!

Top Games

Number magic in crash gambling dice

Crash bitcoin casino honors classic gambling games like Dice. The game is as old as the world and quite easy to learn. The player chooses a number from 1 to 100. The number drawn must be greater or less than the number specified by the player. Crash gambling dice have gained popularity due to flexibility. Don't you want to take big risks? Choose the number 50, and your chances of winning will be quite high, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the odds. Would you like to take a risk? Specify, for example, the number 80 with a higher bet rate. Now the betting odds are much higher, so it all depends on whether you are lucky or not.

Try to win big at Mines casino game

Surely, you have heard of a Spribe game developer. They are the ones who made the Mines game. This is a fairly popular crash game, you don't have to learn complex rules for a long time, and the withdrawal speed will pleasantly surprise you. As you can understand from the name of the game, there are hidden mines on the field. The field itself consists of 25 cells. Before starting the game, you need to choose the number of mines in the field. The maximum number is 15, the minimum is 1. The more mines, the more your winnings will be if you win. All mines are randomly placed on the field, as the game uses Provably Fair technology. This excludes fraud in any form. The player needs to avoid all mines by opening empty cells. The rate increases as cells without bombs are opened. With each new successfully opened cell, your winnings increase. But at the same time, the chance of losing increases. Mines crash game will give you many unforgettable moments, but remember, the main thing is to stop in time!

Experience an adrenaline rush with the wheel of fortune crash casino game

If you are even slightly interested in gambling, then you have probably heard about Wheel of fortune more than once. The simplicity of this game is the main reason for its popularity. The round game wheel is divided into different sectors. The sectors are the same size. There are several types of this game with a different number of sectors. It all depends on the manufacturer of the slot. The meaning of the game is that the player makes a bet, after which the game generates a winning combination. At high stakes, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed for you!

Live Games
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Enjoy classic Keno casino crash game

Keno can rightfully be considered the progenitor of all gambling. The game is quite simple and consists of numbered balls and a playing field with numbers. Gambling is so popular that at the moment there are several variations of it. But do not be afraid of diversity. The rules remain unchanged, only the number of rows and, accordingly, the numbers differ. OXI provides Canadians with a classic variation of this game of chance. You need to choose a number from one to eighty. The greater the sum of the numbers, the greater your potential winnings.


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