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If you are a gambling man, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the OXI Casino website with the best jackpot games in Canada!

The OXI online casino jackpot game Canada created its service in accordance with modern requirements. The administration has collected projects from trusted developers who have proven themselves in many large casinos. In addition, the OXI Casino pleases account holders with generous gifts on an ongoing basis.

The range of Canadian jackpot slots in OXI Casino was compiled, taking into account the players’ interests. Many people visit the resource not only to spend their leisure time and get positive emotions but also to win a solid prize. The games presented in the OXI casino game library have a high percentage of payouts - our software manufacturers have taken care of this.

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In the pursuit of the main prize in the best online casino jackpot games

What does it mean to win at an online casino in Canada? Well, it depends on which one. Of course, you can just play slot machines and get nice prizes - it's like fishing with friends and catching anchovy. But for those whose dream is to catch large predatory fish, the action plan will be somewhat different. And the jackpot is just that big fish. However, it is quite possible to catch her. You just need to go into the right waters of gambling, throw the bait and take a wait-and-see attitude.

Choose "Your" online casino jackpot game in Canada

Do you love risks? Are you confident in your luck and know how to win? There is a solution - play jackpot games for real money in Canada and get unbelievable winnings! How much money will you win this time? You won't know until you play. But be aware that if you play OXI jackpot games, you can win more than on any other platform.

OXI Casino jackpot games will open you the best conditions for big wins! To break the jackpot in a slot machine, you just need to play it for money. In essence, nobody knows when this will happen. But this is only for the better: the award is completely spontaneous and not biassed.

Top Games

Ordinary and progressive jackpot slots in Canada

In today's world, jackpots are mostly progressive. Previously, the jackpot was simply called the biggest win of the slot, but the breadth of this concept has increased over the years. It turns out that the more people involved in the formation of the prize bank, the faster this large sum will fall to one of the participants.

Find out which slot machine jackpot in Canada is suitable for you. And in order not to get lost in the variety of slots, check out this selection of the best online casino jackpot games.

Jackpot Slots

There are a variety of casino games with a similar principle of spinning reels. Winning in these games depends entirely on chance: the player spins the wheel with the different images and hopes that the symbols in a row or column (depending on the game) will match. Choose which of these jackpot casino games to play and hit the jackpot.

Sisters of Oz Jackpots

Visit the magic forest in the new Microgaming - Sisters of Oz Jackpots. It is a more or less traditional 5x4 slot with 20 pay lines. It is dedicated to the fairy-tale theme of the magical land of Oz and his three sorceress sisters. The player has to play a fun game with his sisters, sort out their magic potions and try to fill the jackpot cauldron with gold to snatch a big jackpot for himself. The mechanics of the slot in general will not cause any difficulties for both experienced players and beginners.

The golden coins gradually fill the cauldron with gold. After you type a certain number of such symbols, the wheel above the boiler begins to rotate and determines which jackpot you get. Each of the four Jackpots gives the player a certain multiplier - from x10 to x10,000! So, for one successful round, you can turn even the minimum bet into crazy money!

Hypernova Megaways

The Hypernova Video Slot is a game with six rotating reels. Each column can have from two to seven icons, so the total number of images on the screen is always different. There are other symbols above the four middle columns. They are listed in a separate line but also take part in the formation of winning chains.

Paid sequences consist of the same characters. They can be located anywhere in adjacent columns, starting with the first. Icons from the chains on which payments were accrued explode and fill with the pictures above. The process continues until new combinations can be formed. The more characters on the playing field, the more potential combinations.

To become the owner of any of the jackpots, you need to get the appropriate jackpot icon in the respins. You can win several bronze and silver jackpots in one round. Gold and platinum fall only once.

El Dorado Infinity Reels

If you choose this online casino jackpot game in Canada, you will need to go deep into the jungles of Central America to find the lost city of Eldorado. When you first run this slot, everything looks pretty normal - three reels and four rows. But the first impression can be misleading! You will find an incredible number of game reels and, therefore - ways to generate winnings. Each win adds one extra reel. Thus, El Dorado Infinity Reels is an exciting slot machine with endless reels, playing which you will have a great time, and you can break a huge jackpot.

The main highlight of the slot is infinity reels, and it works every time you win. After each winning combination, another drum is added to the ones already provided. And if the symbol that initially created this combination falls on this reel, the process repeats, and you get another reel. This process can last indefinitely, but the playing field returns to its standard size if the desired character does not fall on the new reel.

Atlantis Megaways

Embark on a journey to Atlantis - a lost city where incredible treasures and riches are stored. In this game, the main action takes place on six reels, each of which can hold from two to seven characters. Winnings are formed by expressing at least three identical images on adjacent reels (if it is Poseidon, two are enough). Note that you can win the mini and minor jackpot more than once, but the major and grand only once. Do not miss this novelty if you want to play a colorful and exciting slot. However, it has very high volatility: winnings may not fall often, but their size is impressive.

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Jackpot Poker

This card game is different since the success depends almost entirely on the player’s skill. In order to take part, you must be able to make mathematical calculations and analyze the situation well. Tournament poker is officially recognized as a sport in many countries worldwide.

The game is played against the opponents and consists of several stages, at the beginning of which players make bets. It is where the cards are dealt. As a result, the player who has collected the most profitable card combination wins. You can exit the process at each poker phase by simply not making a new bet. A poker player's best assistant is bluffing: the ability to bet convincingly even with not-so-great hands, forcing opponents to end the game.


The principle of this slot machine jackpot in Canada is familiar to many of us from the children's lotto. Each bingo participant has cards with certain numbers. With the start of bingo, the drum begins to spin, balls with numbers fall out in succession. Players must mark the numbers that have fallen out: the one who first collected combinations on one of the cards wins. Bingo is completely based on chance and is similar to lotteries.

PlaynGo offers 2 exciting variants of this timeless game with additional twists - Hot Bingo and Park Bingo. Here, you play with up to 4 cards, which increases the chances of winning. Each card contains 15 randomly selected numbers from 0 to 90 and no duplicates. So, grab a card and let's start!

Keno jackpot

Win big in a terrific game from ConceptGaming - Keno Jackpot. This colourful game with bright colours will give you a chance to win in each round. Keno attracts with its simplicity and dynamism; the game is entirely based on chance. Therefore, remember everything you know about probability theory and enjoy the game!

It is a great game that can captivate you for a long time, but first, you will need to understand the gameplay. In Jackpot Keno, you need to guess which numbers appear on the screen. You can choose from 1 to 15 numbers on a grid of 80. Up to 20 balls will appear on the screen, and their numbers will be displayed on the layout. If the next drop-down ball has your bet number, your possible win will be highlighted in the appropriate sector. Once the balls are finished, all winnings are paid out, and then you can start the next round.

So don't lose time and start testing your luck with our jackpot games for real money in Canada immediately! Create an account at OXI Casino, and you will get a chance to collect heaps of winnings with this fantastic collection of jackpot games!

P.S. Keep in mind, fortune favours the brave!


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