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Keno is, without a doubt, an international game that is played even in the most remote regions of the globe. All because it is simple in terms of rules, and even a beginner can understand it. In addition, 99.9% of players' winnings depend only on their luck. There are no complex formulas, special skills, rivals, machinations, and so on. Only the fate of chance, lucky or not. Is three anybody who didn't want to try their luck at least once? There are probably no such people. Therefore, the Keno games at Canadian OXI online casino are always in high demand.

Although the word keno has French or Latin origins (derived from the French quine, "five winning numbers," or from the Latin quini, "five each"), the game originates from China. According to the legend, the invention of keno saved an ancient city in times of war, and its popularity even helped raise funds needed to build the Great Wall of China.

Even if you are not a huge fan of this game, you probably know the name of keno and little else. But don't worry, because as always, OXI experts will explain all you need to know to successfully play keno in the best online keno casino!

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Keno: How to Play

This game is very simple. Before the draw, each player must select the numbers on the card that will be drawn in the next lottery. Obviously, the more numbers you can guess, the greater the gain. However, the more numbers you choose, the lower winning you can expect. The game of Keno is divided into classic one and its variations. You choose the numbers you believe can be drawn based on your criteria. From here, everything is based on chance and is not part of the Keno rules. The numbers you choose to bet on are called Spots or boxes. When you win, in classic Keno, you must immediately withdraw the cash after the draw; otherwise, that winning card will be canceled.

Classic Keno is what is also played in land-based casinos, where the only difference is the possible presence of Keno commissioners. They can turn between the tables to check that everything is done correctly. And how do you play Online Keno? Are there any different Keno rules? Well, while the same rules apply as in classic Keno, everything is clearly faster from an online perspective. The game software, which will take the place of the terrestrial game commissioners, allows you to choose the numbers on which to bet and how much money to bet. In addition, any winnings may not be withdrawn immediately. It is clear that for novice players, it is always better to start playing in the online rooms that allow you to play for free to understand how to play Keno and what the online Keno rules are!

After choosing the virtual casino, you select the game of Keno and choose the numbers on which to bet (up to a maximum of 15), click on "Play," and start the draws. On the board, there will be the numbers on which you bet, and the winning ones will change those. Once the draw is finished, any winnings are collected based on the correct numbers.

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Keno types and different plays

Among the types of bets, the simplest is called "Straight." The "Combination" bet is born from several straight games related to each other. Obviously, the higher the number of Straight tickets, the higher the cost of the bet, but the odds of winning will also increase.

The second type of Keno game is called "Split" and, as its name suggests, allows you to create two separate bets while still using a single ticket. In this case, different markers are used to distinguish one episode from another.

The price of the Split game is double that of the Straight one. Again, the rules of Keno provide for the "Way" bet, which will entitle you, with a single ticket, to bet on different groups of numbers of different sizes. You will need to indicate your betting preferences on the right side of the bet slip, decide the size of each group and select the numbers to be part of each group.

The last game mode is called the "Keno King," when players circle a single number (the King), which, if drawn, will allow them to increase the value of the prizes significantly. To sum up, if the Straight bet is suitable for those who have their first experience at Keno, Way and King require some experience. Although they are also based on randomness, they usually require the players to consider calculating odds before making the bets.

Offline vs Online Keno

The best online casinos offer the Keno lottery in two forms: a virtual game emulator and live games. When talking of a virtual emulator, the values ​​of the balls that appear are determined by a random number generator. Such draws last no longer than 4 minutes. In the case of live lotteries held online, the draws are held longer but also relatively quickly. Players can observe the smallest details on the cameras. During this time, players manage to make bets and win real money, which is immediately credited to their personal account.

Compared to the national lottery, online casino Keno draws have several advantages. Firstly, the draws take place much faster and on a regular basis. Keno can be played whenever you open the OXI website. Secondly, you can play Keno for real money both on the computer and on your smartphone at any convenient time since virtual and live draws are available around the clock. Finally, you can choose the best lotto based on your tastes and preferences.

Keno Rules

The procedure of playing at Keno casino is very simple. In order to place a bet in an online game, a player must:

  • Choose a game option that seems most suitable. The virtual emulator allows you to choose different options: 9 out of 20, 10 out of 20, 11 out of 20, 12 out of 20, or 15 out of 20.
  • Launch the emulator and wait a while for the game to load.
  • Choose from 1 to 15 numbers on which they want to bet.
  • Select the size of the bet.
  • Run the game.

If it is a live lottery, then the player has to follow almost the same steps with a slight difference. First, you need to wait until the previous draw ends, and you don't need to start the game yourself because the dealer will do it.

The goal of any variation of Keno is to guess as many numbers as possible. According to the game's rules, the principle of totalizer applies here, so the more guessed numbers, the greater the player's winnings. Thanks to these rules, even a player with a small amount can win a million if he correctly marks all the numbers.

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How to Win Keno

Picking the numbers is a simple part of the Keno game. What can be a bit challenging - besides waiting for the next round of numbers to roll - is calculating what your potential profit is. If you want to play Keno online in Canada, you need to do it in licensed casinos like our OXI website. Overall, the returns in Keno are too small for anyone to think about playing the game solely for profit. However, some players on a smaller budget can sit in the Keno room and play for a while as an inexpensive way to spend the day.

For someone who wants to play fairly seriously and move from casino to casino, the best solution is to compare table returns and play the game that pays the most for the selected number. In any case, Keno-like games are based purely on luck, putting the fun and thrill of being able to make a big win when it's your lucky day first. When playing in this spirit, you will have fun and can even win.

Online Keno winning strategies

In Keno, the payout depends on two factors: firstly, on the amount of numbers played by the player and, secondly, on the amount of numbers played by the player that coincide with the numbers drawn. In addition, the winnings are paid out in the odds of the player's initial stake and a certain "base stake" from the paytable. As a rule, the more numbers the player plays and the more numbers match, the bigger the total winnings will be.

There is no real number selection strategy. Keno is, in fact, a game based on luck, and in the medium and long term focusing on a strategy may not be particularly profitable. The first step you need to take is to read the game's rules and learn the terms and conditions. Once this is done, you can continue practicing by playing free Keno games before diving into keno games for real money at an online casino. At this point, choosing to pick lucky numbers or just picking numbers at random won't make a fundamental difference.

But many players are not satisfied with this, so they try to increase their chances in this game by using popular strategies that seem to allow them to win.

  • Cold numbers - some players believe that it is necessary to bet on the numbers that have not been drawn for a significant period of time. To do this, they track several draws and then bet on those numbers that did not appear during that time.
  • Hot numbers are supporters of the opposite theory that there are more chances to win by placing bets on the numbers that are issued most often because there is a high probability that they will fall out again. In addition, such players noticed that the numbers often go together. For example, if a ball with the number 21 is dropped, it is possible that a ball with the number 22 will appear soon.
  • Martingale is a common strategy among players in any game, especially roulette. It refers mainly to management, which allows you to make a profit through multiplication. The strategy is based on the principle that you should double your bet every time you lose. Thus, in the event of a win, which sooner or later will still happen, the amount of the win will cover the previous losses and will also bring a small profit.
  • Alan Kriegman's strategy is based on calculating the probability of a future win based on the number of previous winning numbers. The formula is as follows: if player bets on one number, his chances of winning are 25%. By two digits - 38%. But the probability of guessing 2 numbers is only 6% and of guessing 3 numbers in general is 1.34%. So the more numbers, the less chance. It turns out that in order to reduce losses, you need to bet on only one digit.
  • There is one more, the simplest strategy for playing Keno - to bet on all the numbers with the expectation that several numbers will still match during the draw. In this way, the player is more likely to win.


  • What is an online keno lottery?

    The lottery game, which is familiar to many, has retained its essence even after moving to an online casino. Regardless of how the game is called: Keno, Mega Keno, or something else, it is still primarily a lottery where you have to guess as many numbers as possible. It is a decisive factor in how big the winnings are for the player.

  • Are online keno games fair in Canada?

    In serious casinos, such as OXI, the numbers are chosen by a random generator; therefore, there is no possibility of a trick.

  • How long does the online Keno draw last?

    Depending on the type of online Keno, the draw lasts from 4 minutes to half an hour. If it is an online virtual emulator, the game gives the result almost instantly, and the player has more time to make a bet. If it is a live game, everything depends on how many winning balls there will be in the draw.

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