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Do you love the feeling of excitement? Do you love the moment when you are only 1 card or symbol away from a winning jackpot combination? Do not be shy and afraid of your desires! Enjoy adrenaline and new happy moments with OXI Canada casino!

OXI is a place where you'll never be bored. Have fun with the best gambling games and withdraw big winnings during the day! A variety of online video slots from certified providers, hundreds of table games, new crash games, and much more await you on the online gambling platform!

Today, Canadians do not need to spend dozens of hours on flights to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the best gambling establishments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. After all, the wonderful world of gambling is in your gadget. Just take it out of your pocket to go on an unforgettable adventure with thrills and big wins!

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Canadians are gambling people who love to spend their free time gambling. First of all, these are video slots. And thanks to the development of the online gambling industry, you have the opportunity to have a great time playing your favorite games at any convenient time and place. Not surprisingly, more Canadians are choosing to enjoy gambling at home on their favorite couch or armchair, rather than in the famous gambling houses of Las Vegas.

Moreover, online casinos create the same amazing atmosphere of excitement and happiness that reigns in the best gambling establishments in the world! If you want to touch the amazing world of gambling and join a million-strong community, then visit OXI Canada casino!

OXI brings together thousands of gamblers and the best-certified gambling from renowned providers in one place! A pleasant non-distracting design, a huge collection of gambling games. They are constantly updated with high-profile novelties, convenient payment, and withdrawal methods, large welcome bonuses, and much more make the gaming process even more exciting. Here you'll find entertainment such as:

  1. Slots
  2. Table Games
  3. Crash Games
  4. Live casino

Each category offers hundreds of games of chance for every taste. Do you love slots? Excellent! Enjoy 3/5 video slots with amazing graphics, interesting plot, addictive gameplay, unsurpassed music, and, of course, big wins!

Do you want something new? Try the Crash Games category. These gambling games literally blew up the gambling industry a few years ago, offering a new gaming experience and big wins. At the same time, these games have simple rules that even a beginner can easily figure out.

Is this not enough for you? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best gambling establishments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City with Live casino games. Here you'll find such casino symbols as:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Black Jack

Don't know where to start? Every gambling game is worth your attention. But if you do not want to study the rules and understand strategies for a long time, then play baccarat online!

Baccarat live casino is one of the most popular card games among Canadians, playing hundreds of hours a week! What is the reason for such popularity?

  • Simple and accessible rules to every player
  • Addictive gameplay that never gets boring
  • Frequent and big winnings
  • Adrenaline and new thrills
Top Games

How to start playing an online baccarat casino?

Everyone can start enjoying online baccarat casino and win regardless of their experience. The main thing is the desire to play and win. Moreover, OXI casino is very loyal to new players, offering them large starting bonuses and gifts. To start playing the best card game and get unforgettable emotions, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Register at OXI casino
  • Make your first deposit using a convenient payment system
  • Collect starting bonuses and welcome gifts
  • Learn the simple rules of the baccarat casino game

No one will have any problems with registration and gifts. What about the rules? Let's take a closer look at them. Baccarat is a card game in which players score points at a gaming table. To win, the hand you bet on must collect 8 or 9 points. The game has 3 playing hands that you can bet on:

  • On the player (Punto)
  • At the dealer (Banco)
  • Tie

Before each new round, the player makes a bet on one playing field, which must score 8 or 9 points. After placing the bets, the baccarat live dealer deals two cards for each field. The dealer then evaluates the cards according to the set rules. For example, if a player scores less than six points, he is given a third card, and so on. Then the points of the playing hands are compared. When the Dealer or the Player collects the required amount, the croupier announces the victory and the end of the game.

How to count points correctly in a baccarat casino game? Ace is equal to one. Cards with tens and pictures are equal to zero. The remaining cards give the corresponding number of points. If a combination of two cards gives more than 10 points, then the dealer subtracts ten. For example, 6+7 = 13 -10 = 3. After paying out the winnings, a new round begins with new bets, the limits of which are determined by the gaming table. If they don't suit you, you can always move to a new game room. There are hundreds of them on OXI!

Enjoy baccarat games at OXI online casino and win!

Baccarat casino is one of the most popular card games that Canadians spend a lot of time playing. Someone visits the best gambling houses in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Others get adrenaline and big winnings without wasting time and money on flights.

OXI Canada casino offers a variety of baccarat games. They'll appeal to the most demanding players. Each new game is a new room with a live dealer, a new playing table, players, and, of course, game limits. Do you like to play big? Then enjoy the game on the VIP tables, where there are no limits on the maximum bet!

Live Games
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  • Provider item8

OXI Casino cooperates with the most popular providers. They have earned an excellent reputation. You'll find hundreds of game rooms of your favorite baccarat live casino with new features. Enjoy your favorite gambling from such gambling manufacturers as:

  • BetGames
  • LuckyStreak
  • Ezugi
  • HoGaming
  • SAGaming
  • VivoGaming
  • XProGaming, etc.

Baccarat casino games are always an excitement and a feeling of euphoria from frequent and big wins. Thanks to the variety of game rooms, you'll always find where to have a great time and improve your financial condition.

It is important to note the following fact, which is important for experienced players. Online baccarat Canada is always a game with the same rules, according to the rules of Punto Banco. You'll find the game in different variations in online casinos.

You won't be able to play Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Bancue online due to small gameplay differences. They make it impossible to adapt these baccarat games for online casinos.


  • Is it safe to play online baccarat casino on OXI?

    OXI Casino is licensed by Curacao. It confirms the legality and compliance with all legal norms by online casino Canada. Each gamble has a certificate confirming the passage of all necessary checks and tests. Thus, you can enjoy baccarat casino and not be afraid of any problems or cheating.

  • Should You Try Baccarat?

    Live baccarat is the same casino symbol as roulette and poker. Baccarat is one of the most popular card games with addictive gameplay, simple rules, and big wins. If you want to get vivid emotions and thrills, then be sure to play real money baccarat.

  • How to learn to play live baccarat?

    Baccarat has simple rules, which make even beginners feel confident at the gaming tables. However, as with any game of chance, you need to gain enough experience and use different strategies to achieve great success.

  • How to win at Baccarat?

    The hand you bet on (Punto or Banco) should score 9 or 8 points. If this happens, then you win and take the profit. If the score is the same, then Tie wins.

  • How to bet correctly in Baccarat?

    Gambling has three hands. They can win at the end of the round. These are Player, Banker, and Tie. Before the start of the game, players make bets on which hand will score the winning number of points. You just have to choose the hand that suits your strategy and bet the required amount, the size of which depends on the specific gaming table.

  • What variants of Baccarat are there?

    Today there are 3 variants of gambling with some differences in the rules. These are Punto Banco, Baccarat Bancue and Chemin de Fer. Due to some peculiarities, you won't be able to play Baccarat Bancue and Chemin de Fer in an online casino. Therefore, when choosing online gambling, Punto Banco variations are available to you. Each provider may make minor changes to the gambling, so they may differ slightly from each other. However, gambling manufacturers do not change the basic rules of Punto Banco, keeping the gameplay fun and profitable.

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