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Many Canadian users choose OXI Casino, the innovative gambling site that recently entered the industry and continues to develop and impress with its professionalism. Managed by Altacore N.V. and licensed by Curacao, this project is attractive thanks to a huge variety of games, slots, the ability to get free spins, cashback bonuses, and a full set of amazing features. A reputable licence guarantees that the content of the site is always at the highest level, while the latest encryption and protocol provide the highest level of protection.

OXI Casino regularly updates the list of offers, so the number of interesting slots and games is growing. Both desktop and mobile versions provide stable operation of modern content and classic entertainment.

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Therefore, the conclusion is self-evident: register at Canadian OXI Casino and feel that indescribable atmosphere of gambling establishments! Join the gambling industry and discover different categories with hundreds of gambles from the best providers!

OXI Live Casino always welcomes its players with an amazing atmosphere, live communication, and tremendous winnings. Here, hundreds of gambling tables are offered to try your luck and get positive, vivid emotions. Do you miss playing Blackjack in a friendly environment? Then go to the OXI platform and enjoy games no matter where you are. Euphoria, sense of competition, adrenaline - this is why we love the casino so much!

How to play Blackjack online?

Blackjack is a simple card game that is played by more people than roulette, craps and baccarat combined. Success in blackjack primarily depends on luck, but there is also an element of strategy. So let's find out how to win a fortune on your side in one of the most popular games.

Blackjack is one of the most famous card games in the world. His homeland is France of the 19th century. Parisian gambling establishments at that time offered guests to play vingt-et-un - "twenty-one" in French.

Many generations have played this game in the past and will continue to compete in it in the future. The secret of success is in simple rules, as well as in its dynamism and fascination. To win, you need to surpass your opponents in the number of points but not pass the line of 21.

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First of all, learn the price of the cards. In blackjack, the value of the cards does not change during the game. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points. The cards have the following price values:

  • Cards with a number: the price is the number on the card.
  • Pictures: The cost of all cards with pictures is 10.
  • Ace: 1 or 11. Usually counts as 11, but if the sum of points in your hand exceeds 21 with this calculation, then the ace counts as 1.
  • Thus, the ace and the picture are 21 points on two cards - this is blackjack.
  • A hand that contains an ace is called a soft hand.

Secondly, explore your options. When it's your turn, you have two main options:

  • Another Card: Draw another card. Cards can be taken until you collect more than 21 points.
  • Enough: keep the cards and take nothing.

There are a few more options that can be used in certain situations:

  • Insurance: Only available if the dealer has an ace. You make a new bet, and if the dealer has blackjack, it pays 2-1. You lose the main bet (which would have paid out 1-1) but win the insurance and thus stand your ground.
  • Doubling: You double your bet and get only one more card. Usually, doubling is used if the sum of your first two cards is between 8 and 11, and in the case of a soft hand, between 12 and 19.
  • Split: A hand splits into two if both cards are of the same value. Tens, jacks, queens, and kings are counted as 10. If both hands win, you get a double win. If one wins, stay with your own. If both lose, you lose twice. The split is done by spreading the cards to the sides and repeating the original bet.
  • Surrender: In many casinos, the player can (before and after determining that the dealer will have blackjack) give up half of the bet without playing. This option is desirable in cases where the dealer has shown a picture, and the player's hand is likely to "burn" if he takes another card.
  • If the dealer has an ace, he automatically checks to see if he has a blackjack.

The dealer asks the players one by one until everyone says "enough". Then he plays his own hand, and the outcome of the game is determined. Of course, each hand is different from the previous one. Players often copy the dealer and say "enough" for 16 or less. This is a bad strategy. The "never burn" strategy is slightly better, but it's also a bad strategy.

The main advantage of the casino is that the player must go first. If the player "burns out" (collects more than 21), the dealer immediately takes his bet. If the dealer "burns out" on the same hand, the player still loses. The dealer plays the hand last.

Blackjack basic combinations

During the game, some combinations may arise that each player needs to know about. For example, a famous combination called "BlackJack" often develops during the competition. This means that one of the opponents dropped an ace paired with a ten, queen, jack, or king. The winner wins the game with an increase in the bet by one and a half times. The rest of the players get the right to draw a card without losing points. But if you wish, you can refuse this opportunity.

The following situations may also occur during the course of the game:

  1. "Push". This means that two or more opponents at the end of the game have the same number of points. It becomes clear after the recalculation. Each of the partners remains at their rate and continues to play further.
  2. "Blackjack at the Dealer". The winning combination fell from the representative of the gambling establishment. In this case, everyone at the table loses, and the money goes to the casino.
  3. "Three sevens". Here, the participant must get a combination of three cards with a face value of seven points. Thus, he gains the 21 points necessary to win. Usually, such cards are rewarded with a bonus.
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Find "your" type of live Blackjack at OXI Casino

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games due to its simplicity, clarity and speed of the game. But, as in every gambling game, it has its own aspects and features. At OXI Casino Canada you can find dozens of Blackjack variations from the best game providers (including Evolution, HoGaming, Pragmatic Live, Ezugi, XProGaming, VivoGaming, and others)

Cooperation with top game developers allows you to enjoy the constantly expanding pool of table games, including Blackjack. So you can find new Blackjack games weekly at the OXI website! Each variation of this card game will give you a different gaming experience and a lot of fun. Take time to try different variants and decided which live Blackjack brings your luck.

American (basic) Blackjack

It is that game type you can find in any casino. Basic American Blackjack for real money involves the distribution of cards when the dealer has one open card and one hidden. In case the opened card is ace or 10, the dealer looks at a hidden card. If the blackjack combination falls out, the casino wins.

European variation of Blackjack

A perfect choice for experienced gamblers able to take risks and struggling for the adrenaline rush. The European version of Blackjack works as follows: the dealer takes the second card only after handing it to the players. If the dealer receives a combination of "blackjack" cards, all players are refunded additional bets, except for insurance.

This type is less predictable, which increases the risks and vivid emotions as well as adds a special taste to your victory.

Multi-hand Blackjack

The best online Blackjack gathers several players at the gambling table against a live dealer. The classic rules are in force: the confrontation between the Player and the casino. The probability of surviving three hours with three hundred dollars in Blackjack is 86% when playing ten dollars per hand and 96% when betting five dollars on two hands. If you split your total bet over multiple hands, you reduce the chance of losing quickly and, with it, the chances of winning big.

Speed Blackjack

This variation of Live Blackjack is a perfect match for those risky gamers who know how to make effective decisions quickly. This type differs from the basic game since the dealer doesn't follow the common card deal. Instead, each player decides whether to double or split. You can do it earlier and receive the cards before the others.

All these Blackjack types are represented at OXI Casino. Moreover, there are VIP gambling tables prepared by OXI Casino for its VIP players with high limits. These are the tables for big players who prefer to play big! To cut a long story short, you will be pleasantly surprised by the OXI live game collection! So take this chance and join the OXI community!


  • Is OXI Casino a legal casino?

    Yes, it has the official Curacao licence confirming the legitimacy of provided gambling activities. Thus, OXI Casino guarantees top gaming services and fast and safe funds withdrawals, regardless of the size of the winnings.

  • Why does a dealer's shoe have several card decks?

    To ensure fair gaming. In this way, players lose the ability to count cards. Thus, you and the dealer are equally at risk with each new card deal. The number of decks in a dealing shoe also depends on the gamblers' quantity at the gambling table.

  • Are there jokers in Blackjack?

    No, there are no jokers. Therefore, the deck for playing Blackjack has 52 cards.

  • How can other gamblers affect the game?

    They can NOT. The players are not rivals; their main opponent is the dealer, and each player is playing against the dealer only.

  • Are Blackjack and Hold'em the same game?

    No. They are 2 different card games with different rules and payout conditions. Hold'em is a popular type of poker known by millions of players.

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