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At first glance, the game of Craps might be compared to a simple roll of the dice, but in reality, a Craps table can be one of the most challenging experiences for newbies to a casino. Anyway, there is no need to be intimidated because, thanks to this guide, anyone can better learn all the game's dynamics, discovering the rules in great detail and how to put the basic strategies into practice.

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How to play craps online

The rules of Craps are mechanical and repetitive: this explains why beginners remain a little amazed and bewildered. But let's see how to play craps. In craps, players place their bets on the outcome of the rolls made using a pair of 6-sided dice, which are passed to the next player in an anti-clockwise direction at the end of each round. The main bets that the player can make according to the basic rules are Pass line, Don't Pass Line, Come, Don't Come. In the game, we can make other types of bets, which we will see later.

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Types of Bet in Craps

In the game of craps, you can place different types of bets. Let's see them all:

1) Passline

The simplest bet together with the "Don't Pass": the player wins if he rolls a 7 or an 11. He loses if he rolls a 2, 3 or 12. When a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, a player is said to score a point. After getting the point, the player rolls the dice again. If he gets the same score again, he wins; if instead he gets a 7, the bets made on the "Don't Pass" lose.

2) Don't Pass

In this bet, you win by getting the opposite scores of the previous bet, so you win with a 2 or a 3, you lose with a 7 or an 11, and you get a point with a 12. The "Pass Line" and "Don't Pass" bets are the basis on which the game is based.

3) Buy Bets

In this bet, you bet on a number from 4 to 10 rolling before the 7 rolls. For each win on this type of bet, a commission of 5% is charged. The winning Buy bet pays: 5 to 1 on numbers 6 and 10, 5 to 2 on numbers 5 and 9, and finally, 4 to 3 on numbers 6 and 8.

4) Lay bets

The opposite bet to "Buy Bets," in which you want to see the 7 come out as soon as possible. Again, a 5% commission is due for each win on this type of bet, and the winning lay bet will be paid: 1 to 2 on numbers 4; 10, 5:6 on numbers 6 and 8; 2:3 on numbers 5 and 9. Unresolved Lay bets can be removed.

5) Place Bets

Similar to "Buy Bets," however you don't bet on any number between 4 and 10 but on a single number. Obviously, the winning is paid more. However, there are two possible types of Place bets: "Place Win" and "Place Lose."

By betting on "Place Win", you bet that 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 will come up before the number 7. In this case, the bet at the Craps table is placed on the bar with no inscription under the box with the corresponding number. Winning bets on "Place Win" pay: 7 to 6 on 6 and 8, 7:5 on 5 and 9, and 9:5 on numbers 4 and 10.

If, instead, a player bets on "Place Lose," it means that he is betting that the number 7 will come out before 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. And it will be placed on the Craps table to the right of the unsigned bar, which is located above the box with the corresponding numbers "4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10". As for the winning bet payouts on Place Lose, they are 4:5 on numbers 6 and 8, 5:8 on 5 and 9, and 5:11 on numbers 4 and 10.

6) Big 6 and Big 8

In this bet, you want the score to come up on 6 or 8 before 7, according to the rules of Craps. That is if you bet on "Big 6," you bet that 6 comes up before 7. If you bet on "Big 8," you bet that 8 comes up before 7. In both cases, winning bets are paid in on a 1:1 basis, and in any case, both can be removed before the roll takes place.

7) Horn Bets

Here you bet on a number between 2, 3, 11 or 12. This bet is placed on the Craps table on the box with the two drawn dice or in the center of these, and if successful, it is paid in a ratio of 15:1 on the 3 and 11 and a ratio of 30:1 on 2 and 12.

8) Fields bets

The output of a score between 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 is expected. The obtainable winnings are different depending on the score obtained. It is a bet that the player can make before any roll in craps. Winning bets are therefore paid as follows: 1 to 1 with the result 4, 9, 10 or 11, 2 to 1 if you get 2, and 3 to 1 if you get 12. You lose if 5, 6, 7 or the 8.

9) Hardway Bets

You bet that in the next toss a score composed of 2 double numbers will come out, for example a 4 obtained with a double 2, or a 6 obtained with a double 3, or even an 8 for a double 4 or a 10 resulting from a double 5 , however always before rolling a 7.

For example, when a double 3 comes out, it is said that a difficult 6 has been obtained (precisely "hard"). You, therefore, lose if an easy number comes out before a "hard" one. The bet is placed on the Craps table in the box depicting two identical dice. If you win, your bet pays 7 to 1 for numbers 4 and 10, and 9 to 1 for 6 and 8. Unresolved Hardway bets may also be removed.

10) Any 7 and Any Craps

If you bet on "Any 7", it means that you assume that you will get a 7 on the next roll. The bet is placed on the "Any 7" field with each roll, and if it is successful, it is paid in the ratio of 4 to 1. Instead, in the case of the bet on "Any Craps," a players bets that the next roll will result in craps, i.e. 2, 3 or 12. The bet is placed on the "Any Craps" field at the Craps table and, in case of victory, is paid 7 to 1.

It is generally recommended to bet on "Pass Line" and "Don't Pass" bets because they have the best payout ratio for the player and are also the easiest to understand for players with less gaming experience. It is also advisable to only bet on those bets until you get a good handle on the game and then attempt the other bets only after you have gained some familiarity. This is the most convenient of the strategies that can be implemented.

Craps Variations

By choosing OXI, you get access to dozens of different craps variations, all with unique features. So if the classic variant is not enough for you, feel free to choose any of the following craps types:

  • Bastard Craps or Crapless Craps - when you have to avoid the number 7 at all costs. To fight for the victory, you have to get a Craps (2, 3, or 12) or a Natural (11).
  • High Point Craps - when an 11 or a 12 automatically brings a win. 2 and 3 are ignored, while other numbers bring a score, and a player will have to draw this number a second time to validate the win. A 7 immediately returns the player to the starting square.
  • New York scaps - with payouts based on real odds, it allows you to win with any number between 4 and 10. Of course, with the obvious exception of 7.
  • Simplified Craps 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 are the only numbers you need to drop to maximize your profit. If, unfortunately, the die rolls a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, the game is over for the player.

How to Win Craps

Even though online craps can be available in different variations, some of which also involve the use of cards, it is clear that a strategy to ensure success is almost impossible to develop. Over time, however, various systems have been created to win at craps, understood as the management of bets to maximize winnings or, at least, minimize losses!

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Basic craps strategy

As anticipated, it is almost impossible to create a strategy that allows you to predict the result of the dice roll. Still, there is always the calculation of probabilities and, above all, the careful management of the types of bets. Some of these craps systems are statistically safer than others, whether or not there is a house edge.

Craps Strategy – Pass Line

With this type of bet, it is possible to win with values ​​equal to 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, losing with 2, 3 and 12, and scoring with the remaining numbers. If the point rolls before the 7 then the bets are winners.

Craps Strategy – Don't Pass/Don't Come

With the Don't Pass strategy, on the other hand, you lose with values ​​from 7 to 11, you win with 2 and 3, and 12 is considered a draw (Push). In the latter case, the stake is returned. In the case of the Don't Come, you win if the point comes out before the 7, but it must have a value equal to 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.

Craps strategy – Money management

In craps, the majority of bets are very biased in favor of the house, with an edge that even reaches 16.67% for Any 7 bets, which is why managing your money is essential. Discipline and concentration then become key factors, followed by some measures that are definitely worth considering:

  • Set a separate budget for your craps games;
  • Allocate parts of your budget to each individual game;
  • Set winning goals for each session;
  • Use the "guarantee and excess" approach to limit losses;
  • Don't wait until you've lost all the money you set out to bet;

With the "regression" approach, according to which after a win, you have to minimize the next bet.

Odds-based craps strategy

Assuming that each variant has its own set of rules, it is important to consider that there are immutable statistical probabilities regarding the outcome of the dice. Combining these two factors makes it easier to understand what value to bet on based on the type of game we are facing. Remember, the game revolves a lot around the number 7, which is the easiest value to obtain.

Craps Strategy – Press

With the Press strategy, in the world of gaming, we mean that moment in which, sure of winning, we decide to increase the amount of our bet. Also, in this case, we have several possibilities:

  • Go up by one unit – i.e., increase the bet by the set unit (usually €5-6);
  • Press – double the bet;
  • Full Press – going to enhance the bet as much as possible.

Craps strategy – 6/8

6 and 8 are the numbers that have a better chance of coming after 7. That's why they are the ones players bet on more often. The house advantage is 1.52%, not very low, but certainly better than other types of bets.

Every player must make careful considerations when deciding which variation of craps to play, as well as selecting the right systems for winning at craps. In any case, starting with simple variants and linear strategies is definitely a good idea.


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