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Gambling has always been popular, but recently it has been developing especially actively. The Internet has taken this industry to a whole new level. Online casinos were a novelty not so long ago, but today their popularity in New Zealand has skyrocketed. OXI online casino can easily compete with the most famous casinos of our time. It's your time to try your luck and win big!

OXI online casino has absorbed all the best features of modern gambling establishments. The most important advantage is that you do not need to leave your home or workplace to enjoy your favourite game of chance. The most popular pokies, table games, and Live casino games are at your service. Experience an adrenaline rush in the pleasant company of fellow gamblers. Beginners will also be satisfied, OXI will delight all residents of New Zealand with pleasant bonuses. Join the world of gambling right now!

OXI stands out from its competitors in the quality of games, making your gambling experience truly unforgettable. It's time to try something new if the usual gambling has already set your teeth on edge. Come and try your luck at the best crash online casino games in New Zealand.

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OXI introduce you only the best crash online casino games

OXI online casino is constantly looking for new ways to please you with only the best pokies. Here are collected the most popular gambling games for every taste and colour. Enjoy exciting gameplay from the masters of their craft. OXI casino online is pleased to present you with the most popular and recognized pokies, Live casino games, and table games. Every New Zealander, regardless of gambling experience, can enjoy their time here. Enjoy big wins while playing the most exciting gambling games of today. The most interesting feature of OXI casino is that the best crash online casino games are also available to you. Intriguing, isn't it?

Crash games are completely different from classic pokies or popular table games. Over the past few years, such gambling has won the love of millions of players around the world. We invite you to join this fashion trend and test your luck in something new! Every gambling site with crash games provides gamblers with a unique experience based on today's popular blockchain technology. Players are given a chance to influence the winnings by their actions, which radically changes the usual gameplay and gives a completely new gambling experience. Much, of course, depends on the game itself. For example, in the Aviator crash game, you need to stay on the fly as long as possible.

All crash games are created using provably fair cryptographic technology. This will protect you from all sorts of fraud, as no one can change the functionality of the game and interfere with the final results. All players have access to a complete history of game actions, so you can always make sure that the game is fair. Fans of anonymity will also be satisfied. Everyone can use all popular cryptocurrencies. OXI crash bitcoin casino will delight everyone with its functionality!

Try crash online casino games for an unforgettable gambling experience. Get new impressions from a seemingly boring hobby. Win big, learn new gambling games, and just have a good time. OXI casino is waiting for everyone, everyone here will find a crash online casino game to their liking.

Top Games

Check the most popular Aviator crash game

This is perhaps one of the very first Crash games. This crash casino game simulator is now wildly popular. And just a few years ago, few people knew about it. Let's see what is the secret of this gambling game? First, I would like to point out its simplicity. Even a beginner can easily master the basics of the Aviator crash game. But do not think that everything is so simple because becoming a master of this gambling game is quite a difficult task. You can place a bet yourself or use the automatic mode, the choice is yours. The player must stay in the air for as long as possible, with the timer being a multiplier on your possible win. The longer you fly, the more you can win. This is where the fun begins because it is so difficult to stop in time. You must approach this game with a cool head if you want to hit the jackpot. Try this crash game. Maybe that's what you're good at!

Enjoy the Plinko crash game and catch x1000 Busta pokie!

Plinko will certainly please those who like to take risks. What could be better than the adrenaline rush of being able to catch a 1000x bust pokie? Plinko crash game is a rather simple game, which is a pyramid of 8 or 16 rows. At the beginning of the game, the ball falls from the top of the pyramid to its very bottom, in the process colliding with various obstacles that affect the trajectory of its movement. At the very bottom is a sector with a multiplier. You need to choose the level of risk (light, medium, or heavy) and the number of rows. As you might guess, the more rows and the higher the difficulty, the greater the possible win. But that's the beauty of this crash game, people love it for being able to get a 1000x bust. Few people play on a low difficulty level with a small number of rows. Thus, all interest is lost. Try to play big!

Try to guess the right number in crash gambling Dice

Crash gambling dice is a reimagining of the classic gambling game. You probably know the rules, they are simple. The player must choose a number from one to one hundred and bet whether the number will be higher or lower. Then the game does everything itself and the result depends on how well you guessed the number. Don't forget, you can influence the game by varying the variables. If you don't want to risk too much, choose a number above or below 50, so your chances are 50/50. Conversely, if you are confident in your luck, choose a number closer to 100. You’ll reduce the chances of winning, but the possible win will definitely please you!

Test your luck at Mines casino game

Mines is one of the most popular crash games available at OXI casino at the moment. Like all ingenious, the game is simple, besides, there is the possibility of instant withdrawal of funds. Mines casino game provides players with a field consisting of 25 cells. Mines are randomly placed on this field, so the outcome of each round depends solely on the actions of the gambler. You can influence the difficulty of the game by varying the number of hidden mines from 1 to 15. The number of mines affects the bet multiplier. Like many other crash games, Mines uses Provably Fair technology, which completely protects you from cheating. The goal of the player is simple and at the same time exciting. You must open all empty cells without getting hit by a mine. The further you go, the more difficult this process becomes. But this is exactly what makes Mines crash game so exciting and attractive.

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Tickle your nerves in the Wheel of fortune crash casino game

Wheel of fortune is no less famous than all of the above crash games. The secret of success lies, as usual, in simple, but attractive and exciting gameplay. A beginner will easily understand the rules. The round playing field is divided into equal segments, and the number of segments and the winnings depend on one or another variation of the game. The player needs to make a bet, after which the game generates a winning combination. Wheel of fortune crash casino game truly deserves its name, because a lot here depends on your luck. Now you know which game to choose in case you happen to get bored.

Play the Keno casino crash game and win!

Keno is another implementation of the classic gambling game. Keno casino crash game combines all the charms of the classics with new, exciting features. You have probably already seen different versions of Keno and know the rules of the game. All of them do not differ much from each other. The main difference lies in the number of available rows and, accordingly, the numbers. OXI online casino prefers the classic version of Keno. You need to choose a number from 1 to 80. This number directly affects the possible winnings. Do not forget that the chance of losing also depends on this number. Try Keno casino crash game. Refresh the good old gambling game with new colours!


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