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Keno Games in NZ

If you find the world of draw games particularly intriguing, or if you are a lover of pastimes that give rise to instant winnings (scratch cards in the first place), Keno has everything you are looking for. In addition to enjoying rather simple rules, due to a game mechanism that is anything but complicated, Keno will allow you to win big even if you invest a minimal amount of your budget.

Keno has one of the most ancient origins among all the games that suggest choosing certain series of numbers. In fact, it is the true ancestor of games based on random extractions. It is interesting to readmit that its origins are much more remote than those of Lotto, born several centuries ago. Keno was born in China, and, according to legend, the immediate interest in this game favored the collection of funds to be used for the Great Wall's completion. Some scholars even believe that this pastime was designed specifically to cover military expenses without making it necessary to introduce new taxes.

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How to play Keno online

Have you ever tried keno? Well, before starting, keep in mind that the goal of this game is to be able to choose a series of numbers, hoping that some of them will be present among the 20 objects of the next draw. To give you an idea, we can compare keno to a lottery draw or a game of bingo. It is a traditional Chinese numerical extraction game. The player will have to choose 7 or 10 numbers (up to 20 in some variations) between 1 and 80, and the dealer will draw 20 numbers in turn. Of course, the odds of guessing all the numbers are inevitably quite remote. In any case, the more numbers you guess, the greater the amount of the win.

A good tip, if you have never tried keno before, is to practice relying, for some time, on the demonstration mode only. Thanks to the latter, you will be given a certain number of free credits to fully enter the game mechanisms at no cost. You can switch to paid mode later. One last piece of advice we feel we can give is to study not only the rules of keno but also the specific vocabulary that characterizes the game. It will speed up the process and, consequently, will simplify your bets.

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Even more excitement in Keno

Over the years, Keno strategies have evolved parallel with those casinos that have considered it appropriate to renew the game flow or add new ways to bet on Keno. These variations make Keno more intriguing but do not necessarily change the odds of winning in favor of the player. In some variations, it is also allowed to wager less than the typical Keno standard so that players can enjoy their game funds even longer.

Traditional "straight" bets

A typical “straight” Keno ticket looks like a lottery ticket, and you have to individually choose the numbers you want to play and then wait to see if you hit any. You can play as many numbers as you like up to the maximum defined by the casinos, usually 10 or 15 numbers.

In some special cases, or in specific casinos, you are given the freedom to play as many numbers as you want without a fixed maximum limit. When evaluating the different Keno strategies available, remember that there are at most 20 draws in a Keno competition. When playing with traditional tickets, you must bet the minimum for each race you wish to participate in. Usually, the bets start at € 0.50, but clearly, there is no precise rule on this.

The "way" bets

Keno Strategies also provide for a specific use of the "way" ticket, so defined because it offers four "ways" to win. In this case, with the way ticket, the player can combine their numbers into sub-groups. For example, if you choose six numbers, you can combine them into three groups of two cards each. By doing so, in addition to being able to win the "straight" bet, you can also win with the three groups of numbers. In other words, it is as if you were playing 3 tickets.

Let's assume that you decide to play the numbers 7, 15, 27, 39, 56 and 68. In case you hit two numbers, the chances of winning are low. Also, on 6 cards, the casinos usually pay only for a catch from three numbers onwards. But if you put the numbers together: 7 and 15, 27 and 39, 56 and 68 - it is more likely that one of these pairs is a catch.

On way tickets, the numbers to be played are marked with an X and are marked with a circle around them. The "ways" you want to play with must be indicated on the sides or top of the ticket.

The "combination win" bets

Thanks to the new combination of numbers you select, online keno strategies with the "combination win" bet further increase the number of "ways" available to win.

In the previous case (the way bets), we had taken, for example, 6 numbers grouped into three pairs of two numbers to be played each separately. With the "combination win," you will have the possibility to link these three groups of numbers together and have a total of seven winning ways!

Let's take an example: we define A, B, and C as the three pairs of previous numbers. At this point, you can combine these pairs into three sets of four numbers each: A and B, A and C, B and C. Then we will have a ticket with 4 spots, 3 ways, which we will mark as ¾, and we will add to the bet with one way and six spots.

Special games and variations

To make the game even more interesting, some online casino operators offer a special menu of options available to the player. These options include additional types of bets, which must therefore be included in the context of the Keno strategies that can be implemented. In fact, each of these bets has a specific payout and often a minimum bet limit.

Among the most common extra bets, you should know the following:

  • Catch all - allows you to select small groups of numbers, from three to six, and offers a very high payout when all three numbers are picked.
  • Top / Bottom, Right / Left - allows you to split the ticket into two groups of forty numbers each and bet on where most of the numbers drawn will belong.
  • Edge - allows you to mark the 32 numbers found on the right, left, top, and bottom edge of the card. Each bank defines the minimum number with which to win.

Basic rules of keno in New Zealand

So, the goal of the game is to guess the winning numbers and mark them on your card (in the case of the online version, this is the table in the center of the screen). There are a total of 80 digits. The number of numbers to write down depends on the game chosen, but more often, it is 10, around 20 at the most. As you understand, the fewer numbers you have to guess, the lower the chances of winning and the greater the number of payouts. Now let's talk about the game process using the classic version example.

Sometimes there are different types of bets in the keno rules: "straight," "way," or others. In the online version of the game, you very often place a fixed bet on the required number of digits. And now about the keno procedure.

  • Choice of numbers. The game begins with the choice of a slot machine and one of two modes: play free keno or real money keno. Next, you need to mark the required quantity of numbers on the game screen.
  • Choice of tariffs. After selecting the numbers (in some versions of the online keno game, the player first chooses the bet amount, then it is determined with the numbers), choose the bet amount.
  • The game. At this stage, the winning numbers are determined. Everything happens pretty quickly, unlike bingo itself.
  • The end of the previous round and the start of the next round. If you guess the numbers correctly, you will receive a prize according to the table. At the end of this round, you can start over.

The online version is not fundamentally different from the land-based one, except that the mechanics are somewhat reminiscent of a slot machine. But this is not surprising since the numbers are drawn in random order, and the computer marks all the winning numbers for you. The main online game developers offering different keno variations are Microgaming and NetEnt.

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The strategies for winning at Keno

Since it is a numerical drawing game, like craps (in which the player's actions do not affect the results), one can think that keno strategies are doomed to fail. But specific strategies are often applied even in games of luck. More than real tricks and strategies, these are tips for tackling this game and trying to maximize your chances of winning. You should know some indications, methods of betting which are preferable to others and how to avoid mistakes while playing at the casino.

Calculation of probability in Keno strategies

The game of Keno is featured in many online casinos, which often offer variables compared to the traditional game. One of the variations relates to the quantity of numbers that can be wagered. In some games, it is possible to bet on even 40 numbers. This choice can seem very tempting for many novice players. However, we must reflect on the fact that the more numbers we choose, the less chance we have of guessing them all.

It is also necessary to familiarize yourself a little with the concept of probability. For example, the player who bets on 5 numbers has a 40% chance of matching at least one. This probability drops to 27% to guess 2 numbers and to 8% to guess 3. So as you can see, a seemingly very simple game actually turns out to be really difficult. The possibility that 5 out of 5 chosen numbers are actually drawn is very low. It is, in fact, one in 389 million, and it is not difficult to believe it. So is it better to bet on 40 numbers or only on 3, then? The best strategies for Keno involve betting on 7, 8, 9, or at most 10 numbers.

The most popular strategies to win at keno

Given the type of game that goes back to the lottery tradition, players tend to use two opposite keno strategies. As in the most traditional games played in New Zealand, some gamblers bet on frequent numbers and others on late numbers. These two choices respond to two considerations that are the opposite of each other. Neither is statistically the best and leads to concrete results.

Another strategy that is often applied to other number games is to bet on consecutive numbers. For example, series such as 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Also, in this case, advice on such strategies has no scientific basis. The same refers to keno strategies that require the player to always bet on the same set of numbers, which has no foundation. The basic idea is that sooner or later, these will come out. This can be both true and false. Remember that online keno extraction is generated by itself, and the history of previous draws does not affect subsequent ones. Thus, the main rule for winning at Keno and all other gambling games is to play rationally while always keeping an eye on your budget. No strategy can ensure victory, it only enhances the winning odds.


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