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Modern people lack the thrill and risk. They seek and receive adrenaline, an excitement sense, and new impressions in different ways. Someone chooses extreme sports, and someone gets into various dangerous situations. The release of adrenaline causes an accelerated heartbeat, fast breathing and gives an influx of strength, energy, and new emotions. But today there is a practical an safe way to get the desired experience - it's an online casino.

OXI online casino offers an amazing gambling world, big wins, and adrenaline. Have you ever experienced the emotions of a gambler who is waiting for a winning combination in a decisive hand? It's an unforgettable feeling of victory, or defeat, which cannot be expressed in words. You can only experience and feel them.

Today, anyone can join the gambling industry and get vivid emotions and a sense of euphoria. Register at OXI Casino online and try each category with hundreds of gambling games from the best providers!

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Do you love gambles and the indescribable atmosphere of gambling establishments? Then welcome to OXI Live Casino! OXI Casino is a young and ambitious platform, which opens the gambling world to beginners and experienced gamblers. An impeccable reputation and cooperation with world-famous providers guarantee the best gaming experience, vivid emotions, and unforgettable impressions.

By choosing OXI Casino online, you are choosing the best gambles and unique offers. Popular and new slots, favourite table games, live dealer games, unique bonus system, cashback, and quick withdrawals using popular payment systems are waiting for you. OXI Live Casino always has an amazing atmosphere, live communication with dealers and other gamblers, and, of course, big winnings. Here you'll find hundreds of gambling tables to try your luck and get positive emotions. Do you want to feel the atmosphere of the best gambling establishments in Las Vegas at any time? Do you like playing Blackjack in a friendly company and environment? Then visit the OXI Casino website and enjoy games wherever you are. Gambling tables, live croupiers, and favourite games create the excitement and sense of competition, for which we love the casino so much!

OXI Live Casino are gambles for every taste from eminent providers. Enjoy playing roulette, baccarat, poker, and Blackjack online for real money! The online casino guarantees safety and comfort while playing. Nothing will distract you from your favourite game and enjoyment of the gaming activities.

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How to play Blackjack online?

Online casinos are hard to imagine without online Blackjack. It's the most popular card game with an amazing history. Today no one will tell you where this card game originated. But that doesn't matter. After all, gamblers continue to play and get pleasure from the gameplay.

Blackjack is the same casino symbol as Roulette. Famous gambling houses allocate up to half of all gambling tables to this game. In addition, organisers hold hundreds of major tournaments every year, which bring together beginners and professional players to show their skills and get big wins.

Don't you have the opportunity or desire to visit them? Then register at OXI Casino online and choose the category with live dealer Blackjack. Dive into the gambling world and join thousands of players from all over the world! What is the secret of the popularity of the Blackjack online game? It's a card game with simple rules and addictive gameplay, where even beginners can achieve amazing results.

A dealer is representing the online casino and plays against gamers (from one to several) at the casino table. The goal of the game is to outplay the croupier. Fulfil the following conditions to do this:

  • Collect 21 points or close to this value
  • Exceed the dealer's points
  • Don't score more than 21 points

If the dealer or player gets more than 21 points, then he loses. A tie is possible in online Blackjack too. In this case, the casino returns the player's bets.

How to count points? It's simple. Tens and picture cards (jack, queen, and king) are 10 points. The value of other cards is equal to their face value, i.e. 2, 5, etc. An ace is 11 points. But when a cards' combination is more than 21, it takes on a value of 1. You should always keep in mind this nuance. The suits of the cards don't matter. Blackjack is a combination of ten and ace, which immediately indicates a win. Moreover, such a combination has an advantage over other hands, which also give 21 in total.

Before the cards are dealt, the gamblers place their bets. Next, the croupier deals 1 card to each participant of the game and puts one for himself. He removes them from the dealer's shoe containing several decks of 52 cards. Then the dealer repeats the hand. As a result, each gambler has 2 cards. If they are the same, then the dealer will divide them into two hands at the request of the player. After the deal, the gambler can ask for additional cards. At the same time, the chance to collect more than 21 points increases. Scoring shows who won - the player or the dealer.

These simple principles make online gambling a fast and exciting game that's simple to know for newcomers. You quickly get the hang of it, delighting in the gameplay and enormous winning opportunities. No wonder millions from all areas of the world enjoy this card game!

Enjoy different types of live Blackjack online at OXI

OXI Casino provides players only the best offers in the gambling industry. The new online casino cooperates with the best gaming providers, testing each new game before adding it to the platform. Among the partners of the casino are such eminent gambling companies as:

  • Ezugi
  • RedRake
  • Ezugi
  • ConceptGaming
  • Pocket Games Soft
  • Pragmatic Live
  • Playson etc.

Such cooperation allows for significantly expanding the pool of table games, including Blackjack. Weekly OXI Casino adds new Blackjack games. Variations of the card game differ in rules and give a new gaming experience. That means even more variety, more excitement, and fun! Have you already decided which live Blackjack you want to play and try your luck?

American Blackjack

It's the basic type of Blackjack online for real money. Therefore, most often you will meet a game in casinos. What is the difference between the versions of Blackjack? The dealer deals a second card to himself during the deal, not just one. At the same time, one card is face down, and the second is face up. It's the only difference in the rules.

Live Games
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Ezugi
  • XProgaming
  • Vivo gaming
  • Amusnet
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Oriental Game
  • Asia Gaming

European Blackjack

OXI Casino offers this variation of the card game for more experienced gamblers who are not afraid to take risks and love the adrenaline in their blood. The dealer receives only one open card. Players get two cards each and make decisions before the dealer takes the second card. They form the final combinations and decisions before the dealer takes the second card. Thus, the result is less predictable. It means that the risks, excitement, and pleasure are much higher than when playing American online Blackjack.

Multi-hand Blackjack

It's the best online Blackjack, in which most gamblers play in online casinos. The classic rules of the game are the confrontation between the Player and the House, or the casino. Multi-hand Blackjack unites several players at the gambling table against a live dealer. The rest of the rules remain the same. But now you can chat, play and share your emotions with other players. Multi-hand Blackjack is a game variation for those who love to act and enjoy it.

Speed Blackjack

This variation of Blackjack online games will appeal to those players who know how to make decisions quickly. Unlike the base game, the dealer doesn't follow the normal card deal. Those players who decide to double or split earlier will receive the cards before the others.

In addition to the new Blackjack games, OXI offers VIP gambling tables for VIP players with high limits. These are the tables for big players who like to bet big! Do you want to increase your adrenaline level and experience the euphoria of huge winnings? Then welcome to OXI online casino!


  • Is OXI a legal casino in New Zealand?

    Yes, the official Curacao license confirms the legitimacy of gambling activities. OXI Casino prides itself on supplying a top-notch gaming service with a fast withdrawal of any winnings.

  • Why does a dealer's shoe have a few card decks?

    This is necessary for a more fair game. Players lose the ability to count cards. Thus, the dealer and the gamblers are equally at risk with each new card deal. The number of decks necessary to deal varies based on the number of players at a gaming table.

  • Are there joker cards in a Blackjack deck?

    No, there are no jokers. Therefore, the deck for playing Blackjack has 52 cards.

  • Do other gamblers affect the outcome?

    No. You are playing against the dealer, not against other players. They have their own hands and strategies.

  • Is Blackjack the same game as Hold'em?

    No. These are different card games. They have different rules, bets, and payout conditions. Hold'em is a popular type of poker played by millions of people. Like Blackjack, you'll find Hold 'Em in every casino.

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